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Zapped! - Buckley School Books #1We publish middle grade fiction (ages 9-12; grades 4-6).

New kid Kyle invents an imaginary student to take the blame for pranks in Zapped!  When Stan takes on a life of his own, the kids discover that making Stan behave is impossible!

Best Multiplication Workbook EVER!  

This  complete curriculum makes learning multiplication easy, enjoyable and relevant to real-life situations. Written by a master teacher, it addresses how kids really learn.

Now kids can learn their times tables as easily as they learned their A-B-Cs. Sing along to our award-winning CD, Best Multiplication Songs EVER! Best Multiplication Songs EVER!

Try our FREE software, Best Times Tables Practice EVER! to practice times tables on your own computer. 

You can also download our free Best Addition Practice EVER!

Corey Green
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Our Buckley School Books feature the students in Mr. Hoker's sixth grade class.  Each book is presented by a different student. Websites for each book have lots of fun, engaging and educational activities for kids.

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Brainstorm - Buckley School Books #2Brian the Brain is too smart for his own good--and his brainstorms backfire. First, there was his brainstorm to get everyone to quit calling him Brian the Brain. Backfire: Brian ends up with a much worse nickname, Barfy. Another brainstorm follows a trail of a clues uncovering a planned robbery at the art museum. Can the kids stop the robbers? Read Brainstorm to find out.

Double Switched - Buckley School Books #3Dad says make straight A's or NO BASEBALL!  Not so easy when you've been Double Switched.

The bases are loaded with problems for Connor. Can he live up to his dad's high standards? Would his hero Jackie Robinson approve of Connor's choices? How much easier life was when all Connor had to do was PLAY BALL!

Meet Corey Green, our featured author: Corey Green, M.Ed., is a National Board Certified Teacher who writes children's books and produces learning products that make learning fun.

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Schedule an author visit:  Corey Green's interactive talks make a big impression on students. Results include greater achievement in reading and writing.  Professional presentations and teacher training sessions are available, too.

Visit Corey Green's blog for teachers and parents, ClassAntics.com.

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Abligio Books publishes middle grade fiction books and award-winning math learning resources for elementary students in primary grades. Math products, including CDs and workbooks, are designed for primary grades; these resources are remedial for intermediate grades, including middle school math classes and junior high school math classes. Our  books and educational products are valuable resources for elementary school classroom teachers, home school students and parents and homeschool co-ops. Our highly effective mathematics educational products, including free software for practicing multiplication and addition, promote excellence in charter schools and private schools, as well. Students across the spectrum of educational institutions can achieve higher test scores by using our products for daily arithmetic practice of times tables and basic addition facts.

Corey Green, M.Ed., National Board Certified Teacher, produces our math resources to help elementary students learn times tables, master basic multiplication facts and practice addition facts.  Buckley School Books written by Corey Green increase students' fluency, vocabulary and comprehension by providing high interest reading practice in settings that are exciting and relatable.

Corey Green schedules author visits, which can be part of a school or organization fundraising project. Corey Green accepts invitations as a speaker for professional organizations.  Abligio Books participates in fund raising activities for libraries, schools and youth groups; Abligio Books offers quantity discounts and tax-free purchases.

Corey Green is a member of the International Reading Association and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.