Buckley School Books #2

Corey Green

What good is being so smart...
...when your brainstorms backfire?

They don't call him Brian the Brain for nothing: Brian is very smart. Sometimes Brian is too smart for his own good and his brainstorms backfire.

Brian has a brainstorm to solve two problems: his horrible nickname (Barfy) and all the homework help questions his classmates send him every night. Brian creates AskBarfy, a homework help website and the only time kids can call him Barfy.

Brainstorm backfire: Classmates get jealous when AskBarfy gets famous.

Brainstorm: Brian distracts the kids with a mystery that emails show criminals are planning to steal art from the Buckley Museum.

Brainstorm backfire: the robbery is real!

Can the kids stop the robbers?

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Children's middle-grade fiction.
Audience: Ages 9-12.

Brainstorm is the second in the Buckley School Books collection of books, which features Mr. Hoker's sixth-grade class at Buckley Elementary School.

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