Children's books: middle grade fiction (ages 9-12; grades 4-6)

Buckley School Books feature the students in Mr. Hoker's sixth grade class -- you can meet them all at Corey Green's website.

Each Buckley School Book is presented by a different student in the class and has its own fun website:

More Buckley School Books will follow:

  • Chris and Zack team up to make a go-kart that runs on a special fuel: zucchini!
  • Stefi buys a letter at an antique shop for its stamp -- and uncovers an antique mystery.
  • Jill for President!

Visit CoreyGreen.com for lots of fun and activities with the kids in Mr. Hoker's class:

Zapped! - Buckley School Books #1

Brainstorm - Buckley School Books #2

Double Switched - Buckley School Books #3

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