Children's books: middle grade fiction (ages 9-12; grades 4-6)
Buckley School Books feature the students in Mr. Hoker's sixth grade class -- you can meet them all at Corey Green's website. Each book is presented by a different student in the class:

Zapped! (Buckley School Books #1)  Buy now!
Kyle invents an imaginary kid to take the blame when a prank fizzles.  That part was easy.  Now Stan has taken on a life of his own, creating more mischief than anyone could imagine.  Making Stan behave is impossible!  Visit the website.

Brainstorm (Buckley School Books #2)  Buy now!
Sometimes Brian is too smart for his own good--and his brainstorms backfire. First, there was his brainstorm to get everyone to quit calling him Brian the Brain. Backfire: Brian ends up with a much worse nickname, Barfy. Another brainstorm: spin odd emails into a complicated mystery about a possible robbery. Backfire: it looks like Brian was right! Can the kids stop the robbers? Visit the website.

Double Switched (Buckley School Books #3) Buy now!
Connor knows he will be an All-Star when he is a Major League Baseball player--if he can make it through sixth grade.  Dad says make straight A's or NO BASEBALL!  The bases are loaded with problems for Connor. Can he live up to his dad's high standards? Would his hero Jackie Robinson approve of the choices Connor makes? How much easier life was when all Connor had to do was PLAY BALL!  Visit the website.

Corey Green also writes middle grade fiction for younger readers (ages 8-10; grades 3-4)
The Wishing Throne:  All Ethan wants is to be just a kid -- especially now that he'll spend his life in a wheelchair.

Corey Green also produces math learning products!

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