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Corey Green has always loved reading books, especially the books that take her on adventures and introduce her to lifelong friends. Corey has been a serious writer for most of her life.  The first prize she won for writing was for an essay she wrote in sixth grade.

Today Corey Green writes funny middle-grade books (grades 4 to 6, ages 9 to 12) that are filled with mischief and laughter. You can "meet" all the kids in the class at Corey Green's author website, which includes interactive learning disguised as fun.  For example, Story Writing Tips for Kids (written by character Stefi, the class writer) helps kids understand how to write their own works of fiction. After kids understand the basics, they can download a story planning worksheet to get started.

Corey is a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and a talent for innovation in the classroom.  When she recognized that her third graders needed a comprehensive curriculum just for multiplication, Corey Green wrote the book. Best Multiplication Workbook EVER! makes learning multiplication easy, enjoyable and relevant to real-life situations.

Best Multiplication Songs EVER! teaches times tables with familiar tunes, in the same way students learn their A-B-Cs. "Every teacher in my school had a copy. Our students associated the Tens Song with Beethoven�s Ode to Joy," Corey Green says.

Corey Green enjoys making author visits to elementary schools and making presentations to professional organizations.  Corey is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and the International Reading Association.

Corey Green
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Corey Green today.
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