Double Switched
Buckley School Books #3
Corey Green

Connor knows he will be an All-Star when he is a Major League Baseball player--if he can make it through sixth grade.

Life is much harder now that his problems are so big:

First, Dad says make straight A's or NO BASEBALL!

Second, he is switched from playing shortstop to second base. Everybody knows the star player is shortstop--uh-oh! Is Connor really a star baseball player?

Third, he is switched into a new "enrichment" class with crazy worksheets and silly words--uh-oh! How can he do the work if he can't even read the directions?

Last, his team is switched to a new baseball field--uh-oh! What is that strange odor over where the workers are smoking?

The bases are loaded with problems for Connor. Can he live up to his dad's high standards? Would his hero Jackie Robinson approve of the choices Connor makes?

How much easier life was when all Connor had to do was PLAY BALL!


Double Switched
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Children's middle-grade fiction.
Audience: Ages 9-12.

Double Switched is the third in the Buckley School Books collection of books, which features Mr. Hoker's sixth-grade class at Buckley Elementary School.

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