Corey Green's award-winning math learning resources help elementary students in primary grades learn times tables, master basic multiplication facts and practice addition facts. These educational products are valuable resources for parents, elementary school classroom teachers and homeschoolers.

Best Multiplication Workbook EVER! focuses on kids: how they think, how they learn, what they like. More than just a workbook, it is a complete curriculum from learning times tables through standardized test mastery.
  • Times tables 0 -12
  • Long Multiplication
  • Detailed lessons
  • Logical progression
  • Leveled learning
  • Teaching guides
  • Word problems
  • Practice tests
The capstone of the workbook is a section on standardized tests: tips, hints and strategies. Included are six pages of practice multiple-choice questions with answers that show not only why one choice is right, but also why other choices are wrong.



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Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  help kids learn their times tables as easily as they learned their A-B-Cs. The songs work like magic for grades 2 to 4; they're remedial for grades 5 & 6. 

Try these tips and hints on teaching times tables with multiplication songs; they're proven successful!

Watch the information video and listen to sound clips from the CD.  CD AWARDS and REVIEWS.

Best Multiplication Songs EVER!
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Students across the spectrum of educational programs can achieve higher test scores with our FREE software:

Download Best Times Tables Practice EVER! and practice your times tables on your own computer.

Download Best Addition Practice EVER! and practice 0 through 12 addition problems on your own computer.

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